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Web Applications

Web QR Code scanner Hash a pass Executable analyzer Hexadump Crypter
Painter - Coloring book WebGL OBJ and STL viewer Paranoid keyboard
Number counter Solar panel calculator (incidence angle from location and panel position) Image resizer Image subtraction One Time Pad encryption

Open Source Applications

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MinerMole Miner Mole is an advanced desktop search utility. It collects, parses and stores data about files, folders, users, emails or any other information that can be obtained from a computer, for fast and accurate information retrieval.
Lazar Crypter Simple file encryption utility with AES-256 for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7. Beside the standard enc/decryption operations has a Cut/Copy and Paste like interface.
Lazar Copy This small utility helps you copy the files and folders you need according to the specified include/exclude filters. It uses the common Copy/Paste mechanism with an additional Paste menu.
Lazar Backup A simple backup utility for MS Windows used through the Send to menu.
Lazar Freezer Portable application to freeze and hide a running application. The frozen application won't use any CPU resources until it's defrosted.
Lazar Lookup This application allows you to quickly find any data you need in an excel sheet with the specified structure, by using filters. It can be used as agenda, dictionary, quick code lookup etc.
PumasShare Windows share management application. Shares with access rights are saved in database for easy viewing and restore if lost or needed to relocate.
PumasViewer Image viewer with minimal user interface and advanced capabilities. Shows the image floating on the screen without any border.
ShowMyScreen Simple and portable screen sharing utility. No software required for the client as the shared screen is displayed through a password-protected web page in any browser.

Other Applications

Lazar ToDo A simple to-do manager with online syncing and web access for MS Windows operating systems.
xTheEye A simple utility (for MS Windows) to prevent eye strain by signaling you periodically to relax your eyes. The utility will dim the screen for 5 seconds at a preset period. A simple eye exercise is the 20-20-20 rule, which requires a 20-second break every 20 minutes, in which you have to look at a 20-meter distance.
FileRobot Simple, graphically programable file operation robot: filtering, statistics, copy/move, delete, compression. See tutorial on youtube.



Added One Time Pad encryption.


Added image resizer and subtraction.


Added number counter and solar panel calculator.


Crypter updated (fixed to work with latest browsers).


FileRobot updated.


Executable analyzer updated.


Added WebGL OBJ and STL viewer.


Added a bookmarklet to the paranoid keyboard.


Added Painter coloring book web app.


Crypter web app updated


Crypter web app updated to work with UNICODE characters


Added links to chrome web store


Applications added:
Lazar ToDo and xTheEye


Web QR Code scanner added.


Web site updated.

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